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Lacking Time for Meditation? How about Color Therapy Stress-Relieving Apps?

The days of boring meditation can wait, here’s presenting an absolutely interesting thing for your stress relief !! In our daily stressed-out busy lives, it is essential to take out time for our well being. Meditation is actually a mind-body relationship that facilitates a tranquil state of mind. It is a regular as well as […]

8 Therapeutic Benefits of Coloring in Adult Coloring Books and Apps

Coloring is an activity which is generally associated with children. For a long time, adults resorted to coloring to keep the children occupied during babysitting. The concept of grownups devoting time in coloring books was considered silly and trivial. However, that notion is slowly going for a toss. Psychiatrists as well as researchers have concluded […]

Why Should You Try Stress Relief Adult Color Book?

Stress Relief Adult Color Book was first launched in February 2016, since then it is relieving the stress of many people quite successfully. This app is made following some scientific methods and rules. Each drawing within the app has some intricate designs in it. These intricate designs are supposed to be colored by the users. […]

8 Benefits of Coloring Mandalas for Your Mind & Body

According to the Sanskrit language, the word ‘mandala’ means ‘circle’ or ‘center’. These circles are spiritual symbols symbolizing the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism. Mandalas have concentric circles that grow outwardly and these represent harmony and fullness with universe and mind. Coloring mandalas can promote relaxation, calms the nervous system, invokes positive energies, and balances […]