6 Unique Ways to Beat Stress This Valentine

Valentine’s day is all about love and the key to all forms and aspects of love is self-love. In our daily, overtly busy schedule we may somehow manage to meet the necessary ends but we get little time to maintain and preserve our own wellbeing. This Valentine’s day gift yourself a stress-free life and promise to love and pamper yourself the same way we do the same for our near and dear ones.

Here are a few tips to celebrate a great Valentine’s Day and indulge in some self-love.

1. Start Using Adult Coloring Apps

Coloring is generally associated with kids and is considered a childish activity, not worth an adult’s time and patience. Earlier, if someone suggested coloring as an activity to pass time, he/she would have been laughed off. However, the times have changed and adult coloring apps such as Stress Relief Adult Color Book app are increasingly gaining popularity for its stress relieving properties.

World-renowned psychologist Carl Jung was the first person to suggest coloring to be used as a form of art therapy. It has been found that coloring not only reduces anxiety and stress but also acts as an effective trigger for both the right and left cerebral hemispheres of our brain. Coloring apps such as the Stress Relief Adult Color Book app also enable an individual to focus more on the positive than negative and help in enhancing our creative skills. So, if you want to celebrate valentine’s day in the comforts of your home, adult coloring apps are the best way to unwind and relax.

2. Practice Meditation

Living in the present and enjoying life to the utmost isn’t an easy thing to do and needs immense focus. It may sound cliché but there’s no better way to cultivate it than developing a regular habit of practicing meditation. This activity increases our concentration power and helps in triggering the relaxation response of the body. It also assists in developing a positive mood which helps in achieving our life goals. No matter how busy your day-to-day life is, one must keep a certain time chalked out for meditation only. Start this Valentine’s Day with meditation and fill your body and mind with positivity and calmness.

3. Pamper Yourself

Unless your start loving yourself, you cannot show that love to anyone else in your life. The basic foundation of love is self-appreciation and understanding self-worth. However, between work and life, taking care of ourselves always takes a backseat. Why not spend this Valentine’s Day celebrating self-love and going out of the way to pamper yourself? Visit a salon, get a new look, treat yourself to a relaxing spa, or take out the book that you always wanted to read but never got time. Pampering yourself encourages self-confidence, optimism, and also raises our immunity and body image.

4. Engage in an Activity That You Love

Doing what you love releases dopamine from the body which relaxes your brain and muscles to a great extent. Besides, when you do something that you love, you experience the optimum levels of happiness. Whatever work you’re doing at that time or even the complications arising out of it becomes more a matter of interest or challenge rather than a burden. Our body responds to such blissful state of mind, as apparently such workouts release adrenaline and relieve us from negativity, anxiety, and stress.

5. Find Time to Exercise

In our busy lives, the one thing that we keep moving away from is regular exercise. We either keep postponing, shortening, or even simply ignoring our physical workout due to work pressure or shortage of time. What we often tend to forget is that physical exercise and a healthy diet are two integral parts of leading a stress-free life.

You can start out with the simplest form of physical exercise, which is deep breathing. Take time out and sit down for a while with yourself. You may sit and keep your hands on your stomach while you inhale or exhale. This actually calms the mind and the body and slows down the heart rate and high blood pressure, making the body relax.

6. Go On a Holiday

You have gone through the pictures of that place a thousand times, you almost booked the hotel and flight. However, you never made it to your destination due to some reason or the other. This Valentine’s Day go on the holiday that you longed to take for quite some time. It will certainly be an experience of a lifetime and will be a perfect stress-free way to spend the day of love.

The Bottom-Line

Love can only come to you when you are in a blissful state of mind, relieved of all stress and anxiety. Reducing stress can also be considered a form of showing love to yourself and staying happy and healthy in the long run. Hopefully, the above-mentioned activities will lower your stress level on Valentine’s Day and will help you to celebrate the day of love to the fullest.

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