Lacking Time for Meditation? How about Color Therapy Stress-Relieving Apps?

The days of boring meditation can wait, here’s presenting an absolutely interesting thing for your stress relief !!

In our daily stressed-out busy lives, it is essential to take out time for our well being. Meditation is actually a mind-body relationship that facilitates a tranquil state of mind. It is a regular as well as a prolonged dose to the everyday intoxicating fearful insecurities to our lives. But meditation is not a matter of just few minutes. It takes a longer period of time to get to meditate and stay there. Work, family, personal lives these days do not leave us with the scope where we can sit for hours and meditate. But the good news is there are alternative ways of getting away with stress, and of the many, color therapy is one. With the radical advancement of the mobile App world, there are facilities which appear at your hands in no time. Applications of phones these days are not only based on game but also provide a huge scope to self development and well being, and Color therapy app is not an exception.

Here’s a quick trip to it : 1. Why is it necessary?

Creative art work helps in exploring the potential of the mind. It helps you in growing awareness, concentration, and, most importantly, observation power. Coloring book app is a handy thing to take along because it fits in your mobile, plus helps you to do it anywhere. For example, if you’re traveling from one place to another practically having no work to do, you can open up such apps and use them.

2. A platform for personal expression:

Coloring has got a lot to do with moods. The adult color book app helps in bringing out the expression of the conscious as well as the subconscious mind. Thus it often happens that many repressed feelings come out as forms of expression making the mind stress free.

3. As a digital tool of healing :

Kids are mostly offered hard copy of coloring books. But for adults it is almost impossible to carry coloring books everywhere, especially when they’re at a work place. Besides, in case of books once you’re done with coloring you can neither undo or redo any of the part. But apps like Stress Relief Adult Color Book help you in saving your art work, and if needed you can change it at any point of time. What comes along as a cherry on the top is it’s never ending!

4. What’s special for this Valentine’s Day?

Stress Relief Adult Color Book has come up with various themes and color settings this year. In case you’re suffering from any prior trouble in your relationship, now is the time to use the app. First, of course because the app will help you to purge out of previously suppressed emotions and repressed grudges; next, it will set a beautiful light-hearted creative mood for your day of love!

5. The ability to focus or concentrate :

Last but never the least Stress Relief Adult Color Book helps one with decision-making ability. Not only that but it also helps you to increase your skills of choices when you actually choose the colors.

6. Changes in heart rates, blood pressure and development of positive thoughts :

According to a study, the researchers have seen major changes in heart rates, and blood pressure in the people using this Stress Relief Adult Color Book app. The pleasant feeling one gets from creating something beautiful gives a person a delighted mental state and pleasure of mind. Coloring therefore brings a happy and stable state of mind which may be very useful in treating patients suffering from anxiety attacks to a large extent. The continuous self appreciation and healing also helps a great deal in developing positive thoughts.

Even though coloring has been a creative art for children, these days, it has crossed the age boundary and what comes as a bonus is that it is digital now and mobile friendly. So, download the app if you haven’t yet and see the magic of setting your mind free this Valentine’s day.

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