Bid farewell to anxiety with Stress Relief Coloring for Adults

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Connect to your soul & experience inner peace with Mandala Coloring for Adults

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Really enjoyed it! Very easy to use and so relaxing, love it.!!!


Stress Relief Coloring for Adults

Our Stress Relief Adult Color Book app uses the healing power of art in a research driven therapeutic science to help you get relief from stress and anxiety. Similar to meditation, the app allows you to switch off your brain from other thoughts and focus on the moment.

Get amazing pictures and a huge number of colors, all for free!

Mandala Coloring for Adults

Our Mandala Coloring for Adults app has many beautiful, intricately detailed mandalas to color. Coloring the enlightening mandalas of this app helps you relieve stress, manage anxiety, and experience peace and tranquility. What’s best? You get everything in this app for free!

Experience calmness, tranquility, and enhance your emotional and mental well-being by coloring our peaceful mandalas.

How We Are Different

We craft images carefully with the aim of relieving your stress & anxiety. Coloring our pictures helps you feel light and become more mindful.

25+ FREE Galleries

Get galleries of Fashion, Women, Desert, Japanese Culture, Animals, Flowers, Ancient Egypt and many more for FREE!

Rich Color Palette with Color Wheel

Choose from lots of colors, with each color having several shades. Get all colors for FREE!

UNDO Feature

Undo your previous coloring actions just with a tap on the 'Undo' button.

One Click Clear Option

Erase all the colors from a picture simply by tapping on the 'Clear' button.


Want to save your artwork in your mobile device? Our 'Download' feature lets you do so.


Share your artwork with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email, Whatsapp and more!

Watch The Video

Watch our video to see how to color in our adult coloring apps.

Coloring has never been so simple and convenient! Whether you are sitting at the comfort of your home or are on the go, our apps let you color anywhere, anytime. Having a stressful day? Color for a few minutes and feel the difference! Have a wandering mind? Try coloring in our apps and regain focus.

Research shows that coloring has many therapeutic benefits for adults. Coloring lowers stress and anxiety, boosts creativity, and helps you become calmer and more mindful. Add more peace and joy in your day-to-day life by making coloring a part of your daily routine. Start coloring today!