8 Benefits of Coloring Mandalas for Your Mind & Body

According to the Sanskrit language, the word ‘mandala’ means ‘circle’ or ‘center’. These circles are spiritual symbols symbolizing the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism. Mandalas have concentric circles that grow outwardly and these represent harmony and fullness with universe and mind. Coloring mandalas can promote relaxation, calms the nervous system, invokes positive energies, and balances body energies.

Just remember mandala coloring is an effective way to keep your mind calm. Some of the benefits include:

1. Great Stress Reliever

Everyone is juggling multiple tasks – managing job and family, job stress, tensions, financial worries, etc. Nevertheless, our mental health should not be ignored. One particular activity that brings relief from the exhaustion of all your schedules is mandala coloring. As mandalas require attentiveness, calmness to color the circular patterns, they can help in enhanced concentration. This deep engagement in coloring gives you the experience of stress-relief and reduced anxiety.

2. Therapeutic Effect

Mandala coloring books and apps have the most effective healing power. Coloring can reduce negative thoughts, and unpleasantness. The special properties of mandalas are effective in reducing anxiety and stress. Sacred circles of a mandala have a magical healing power, which can have a recuperative effect.

3. Meditation Alternative

Many people would like to balance their mind and body by meditation, or joining yoga classes. Psychological studies show that coloring mandalas have the same effect as that of meditation. The shapes and patterns of mandala designs require deep engagement while coloring. Coloring mandalas would help you to disengage from the feelings of anxiety and acquire positive thoughts.

4. Refreshes the Brain

Coloring mandala books and apps not only reduces anxiety, but refreshes your brain too. Coloring needs both hemispheres of the brain to stay focused. This enables all the areas of the brain to work in a balanced way. Intricate designs of mandala pages spark the brain to aesthetically choose the color. Coloring mandalas activates both analytical and creative parts of the brain, enhances problem-solving skills, refines motor skills and produces inner strength.

5. Sparks Creativity

The designs in mandala coloring apps and books would require creative coloring. This activity can help you get your mind out of the daily grind.. Researchers believe that adults engaged in coloring have the probability to rediscover their creative ideas and implement them in their lives. Once you start coloring regularly, you become great at picking designs and creatively coloring them.

6. Boosts Immune System

This benefit of mandala coloring apps is amazing. The geometric patterns of mandalas represent the cosmos metaphysically. Modern medicines believe that mandalas have become the healing tool and induce calmness. Mandalas boost the immune system, enhance concentration, reduce pain, and promote good sleep.

7. Reconnects with Your Inner Child.

Inner child healing therapy is popular among adults who are harsh within themselves. Some areas of our lives are connected with unpleasant issues that we carry forward always. Inner child healing therapy through coloring mandala pages helps you to reconnect with your inner child and breaks all types of negative thinking patterns. This therapy helps adults to become better persons by loving themselves more. It also boosts your self-confidence and helps you face the challenges of this world.

8. Perfect Therapy for Many Diseases

Mandala coloring books and apps are ideal for patients with many diseases including epilepsy and lower blood pressure. Individuals suffering from epilepsy have several limitations, but coloring mandala pages can help them calm down easily and promotes relaxation. Jerky hand movements are easily controlled by coloring these books and apps regularly. Such individuals can enjoy this activity as it reduces epileptic attacks. Coloring of concentric circles in mandala pages helps in maintaining blood pressure levels at normal.

Apart from being religious and spiritual, nowadays mandalas are used in the form of coloring books and apps for enhancing creativity, promoting relaxation, and supporting healing. Coloring mandalas induces calmness and help you recover from a stressful day. This is not just a fun activity; it is also a therapeutic activity you can do at home, office, bus, train, almost anywhere you want.

If you want to experience the calming effect of coloring mandalas, try our Mandala Coloring for Adults app. The app has 10+ galleries of beautiful mandalas designed to relieve your stress and increase your mindfulness. Coloring the intricately designed mandalas in this app promotes your mental and emotional well-being. The app is readily available online for free.

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