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How to Win a Brand New Apple iPad Mini with Coloring Therapy?

The modern world is full of scientific and technological wonders. Over the last few centuries, human civilization has progressed by leaps and bounds and technology has made life easier and safer for all of us. However, the exponential growth of technology has also made the world more complex and confusing than ever before. This can […]

5 Reasons to Install the Stress Relief Adult Color Book App on Your Phone Today

Chasing your dreams and following your passion can be intensely rewarding. Building the career of your dreams and reaching for your goals, one step at a time, can make you feel accomplished and fulfilled, filling you with a sense of pride. The catch? It can also be intensely challenging and stressful. Nothing worth having is […]

Color and Relax: 5 Beautiful Artworks from the Stress Relief Adult Color Book App for the Holiday Season

Modern life is full of stress, worries, and anxiety. Be it work-related stress, medical and health issues, family problems, or financial anxieties, it seems as though we are never short of things to worry about. Even when we are not in the middle of one of life’s many problems, we are constantly worrying about things […]

Relax and De-stress Yourself With Adult Coloring Book Apps

Bright and beautiful colors are very soothing to the eyes. Even wearing a dress of your favorite color can lift your mood. In fact, nowadays color therapists and psychologists also recommend using colors or indulging with adult coloring book apps to relax, de-stress, and improve mental clarity. Many have claimed that coloring has helped them […]

6 Unique Ways to Beat Stress This Valentine

Valentine’s day is all about love and the key to all forms and aspects of love is self-love. In our daily, overtly busy schedule we may somehow manage to meet the necessary ends but we get little time to maintain and preserve our own wellbeing. This Valentine’s day gift yourself a stress-free life and promise […]

Beat Stress to Revive Your Lost Glow in This Season of Love

In today’s ever-changing environment, the only thing constant is “Stress”. The season of love has almost approached and no one would like to cherish this season with a dull appearance. Stress not only affects you mentally but it also exerts a considerable effect on how you look. Excessive stress may result in a dull appearance […]

5 Ideas to Ensure the Well-Being of Your Love This Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you are gauging yourself to find the suitable gift for your loved ones; what else could be apt than the well-being of your loved ones. Well, let’s face it that the well-being of your near-dear ones is what matters above all. We all live in a fast-paced […]

Lacking Time for Meditation? How about Color Therapy Stress-Relieving Apps?

The days of boring meditation can wait, here’s presenting an absolutely interesting thing for your stress relief !! In our daily stressed-out busy lives, it is essential to take out time for our well being. Meditation is actually a mind-body relationship that facilitates a tranquil state of mind. It is a regular as well as […]

8 Therapeutic Benefits of Coloring in Adult Coloring Books and Apps

Coloring is an activity which is generally associated with children. For a long time, adults resorted to coloring to keep the children occupied during babysitting. The concept of grownups devoting time in coloring books was considered silly and trivial. However, that notion is slowly going for a toss. Psychiatrists as well as researchers have concluded […]

Why Should You Try Stress Relief Adult Color Book?

Stress Relief Adult Color Book was first launched in February 2016, since then it is relieving the stress of many people quite successfully. This app is made following some scientific methods and rules. Each drawing within the app has some intricate designs in it. These intricate designs are supposed to be colored by the users. […]

8 Benefits of Coloring Mandalas for Your Mind & Body

According to the Sanskrit language, the word ‘mandala’ means ‘circle’ or ‘center’. These circles are spiritual symbols symbolizing the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism. Mandalas have concentric circles that grow outwardly and these represent harmony and fullness with universe and mind. Coloring mandalas can promote relaxation, calms the nervous system, invokes positive energies, and balances […]

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