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6 Unique Ways to Beat Stress This Valentine

Valentine’s day is all about love and the key to all forms and aspects of love is self-love. In our daily, overtly busy schedule we may somehow manage to meet the necessary ends but we get little time to maintain and preserve our own wellbeing. This Valentine’s day gift yourself a stress-free life and promise […]

Beat Stress to Revive Your Lost Glow in This Season of Love

In today’s ever-changing environment, the only thing constant is “Stress”. The season of love has almost approached and no one would like to cherish this season with a dull appearance. Stress not only affects you mentally but it also exerts a considerable effect on how you look. Excessive stress may result in a dull appearance […]

5 Ideas to Ensure the Well-Being of Your Love This Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you are gauging yourself to find the suitable gift for your loved ones; what else could be apt than the well-being of your loved ones. Well, let’s face it that the well-being of your near-dear ones is what matters above all. We all live in a fast-paced […]

Lacking Time for Meditation? How about Color Therapy Stress-Relieving Apps?

The days of boring meditation can wait, here’s presenting an absolutely interesting thing for your stress relief !! In our daily stressed-out busy lives, it is essential to take out time for our well being. Meditation is actually a mind-body relationship that facilitates a tranquil state of mind. It is a regular as well as […]